A Place For Leaders to Rest....

Every ministry leader needs a place and time to rest.  Haven is a place to connect with others who understand the burdens of ministry. A place where you can take off your "leadership-hat" and just be yourself.  No...you don't need to lead a bible study, prepare games, or preach here.  Just come and rest, connect with peers, eat, be prayed for and loved on.  We do it for our students but we need it just as much. You will also be able to gain practical resources, training and ideas to use in your ministries.



Share Resources

 At Haven gatherings we freely share ministry ideas and resources.  Bible study curriculums, small group structure, praise band training, sermon notes and recordings....

Monthly Haven Gatherings

Spend the first Wednesday of each month being refreshed and encouraged for ministry at our Haven gatherings. 

Time: 5:00PM 7/9/17.

Place: 633 White Street, Suwanee, GA