DURATION: 20-60 minutes
GROUP SIZE: 4-100+
AGE GROUP: all ages


This is a great activity for retreats or any large group setting.  Give everyone a piece of paper with 4-8 blank numbered appointment slots (download form above).  Give your group time, either during a meal time or free time, to make appointments with people they do not know very well (leaders and pastors are included).  

Set up the room with pairs of chairs are facing each other scattered around the room.  Then tell everyone to find their first appointment and sit down with them.  Encourage deep and meaningful conversations and maybe you can give them some starter questions.  Start your timer (5-8 minutes) play some soft soft background music and watch the sharing begun!  When time is up, have everyone say goodbye and find their next appointment.  (Repeat for all the rounds)

Tips: We usually have an area we call the "singles bar" where all the people who could not find an appointment partner for that round will gather and be paired up.