"What is my calling?” and “How do I integrate my faith and work?” Are some of the most common questions I run into with college and young adults in church.  Apparently “just pray about it” is not a satisfactory answer for most of them.  Well…this workshop is for them!  Now I can tell them “just pray about it…AND check out this workshop!"

WHEN: Saturday, July 21st 2018 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

WHERE: Daniel Prayer Garden 3430 Land Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30004

WHO: Abraham Gin  (GiANT Worldwide Leadership Consultant) Abraham Gin is a executive performance coach and leadership consultant with GiANT Worldwide. He has 15 years of coaching breakthrough & transformational leadership, exists to build leaders worth following, maximizing their full potential.

TO WHOM: College & Young Adults 30-50 Participants would be IDEAL


10:00-12:00 PM (Session 1)

12:00-1:30 (Lunch)

2:00-4:00 (Session 2)

4:00-5:00 (Response and Q&A)


Session 1: Original Design: Every person was created with a unique God given Design. Understanding who God is and who we are is the foundation of understanding our original design. There are 4 unique stages of calling. We will take a deep dive in understanding the various stages of calling and how that applies to you personally. Also, understanding the 4 areas in which God forms our identity: Character, Gifts, Passions, Life Experience.

Session 2: Destiny Process: Destiny Process is a follow up workshop to Original Design. Understanding our unique identity helps us to discover and articulate what God has put inside of us and how to live that out on a day to day practically through your life, vocation, and work. This workshop is a very hands-on and interactive process that allows the participant to discover, excavate, materialize and organize our calling. Its not meant to be a rigid formula but rather a discovery process. When we know who we are and where we are headed, we can walk out our calling with power.