Good Friday and Easter are coming up! Here are some ideas and resources that were shared during Haven!  We hope this will spark some ideas for your Easter/Good Friday services!

Haven Worship Set List:

Here is the song list and scripture readings from our worship time: EASTER WORSHIP SET  

Good Friday Service Ideas:

 Good Friday at Han Vision

Good Friday at Han Vision

-(Han Vision) Each person is given an unlit candle and a handout as they enter. They walk over to a large cross on the ground with one lit candle on it which they lite their candle with. Then they write a prayer near their candle and then find their seat for service (leaving their candle near the cross). At the end of the service they blow out their candle as they leave. (download handout instructions print double sided and cut in half)

-(Bethany Presbyterian) Give each person a candle as they walk in and light it representing Jesus the light of the world. Place that candle on the table in the middle of the room.  After the service and a personal time of prayer have each person blow out their candle as they leave representing the extinguishing of Jesus life.  The service ends in complete stillness and darkness.

-Have a food washing incorporated into the service Good Friday Service

-Open or close the service with a time of  communion 

-pass around physical elements like large nails, thorns  etc. During a reading of the scripture.
-write down your sins and nail to a wooden cross (a classic)


-Do outreach on Good Friday making food for the homeless.
-Do evangelism and prayer. KCPC youth group is going to the mall on Good Friday to pray for people and share the gospel and then gather back at church and worship and give testimonies.

-Vision church YG is doing 17 stations walking through the life of Jesus from birth to death.
-or the traditional 14 STATIONS OF THE CROSS

-If your church doesn’t have it’s own service just go to Passion City Church’s Good Friday Concert. We have heard good things about it.

Easter Sunday Service Ideas:

 Cupcakes for Easter 

Cupcakes for Easter 

-After having communion on Good Friday Service to remember Jesus’ death. End your Easter Service with the passing out of cupcakes to celebrate NEW LIFE remembering the resurrection.  (Because in our culture we celebrate new life with birthday cake.)

 4 Pointes Testimony Video

4 Pointes Testimony Video

-During their Easter service, 4Pointes Church shows follow-up video testimonies of people who have gotten baptized through out the last year.

-Start your Easter Service, dark lights off, Good Friday songs and bible verses. Then have 3 minutes solid minutes of silence representing the 3 days in the tomb, break the silence with swelling music, reading Easter bible verses and lights being turned on and switch gears into Easter Songs!  

 Stone Mountain Sunrise Service

Stone Mountain Sunrise Service

-Add an Easter sunrise service. If you have a joint KM-EM service for Easter adding a Sunrise service will be an opportunity to have your ‘own’ (EM) Easter Service. Worshiping as the sun rises is a beautiful way to remember what it must’ve been like for those who saw the empty tomb first. (Often, a sunrise service is a “stripped down” version of the service, so there’s no need to worry on many technical elements.)

-Or take your group to Stone Mountain's Sunrise Service a non-denominational Easter service at the top of the Mountain. It's free. Make sure to bring warm clothes and flashlights for the hike up.

-Bethany Presbyterian has a joint Easter dawn service with three churches in their area. Maybe you can do a sunrise service with a few churches around your area.

Discussion Questions:

After sharing some service ideas we had a few discussion questions to finish off the night.  

What do you want people walking away from Good Friday thinking?

-A feeling of real sadness and loss at the death of Jesus Christ. 
-To understand the cost and weight of the sacrifice of Christ
-Walk away with a real need for hope
-To realize the depth and seriousness of their sin and our need for forgiveness
-To walk away loving Jesus more

What About Easter Service?

-Absolute Hope in Christ.
-Feeling victorious in Jesus.
-Joy and celebration at the resurrection.
-Feel a sense of a new beginning, new life, starting over!
-Understanding why the resurrection is good news for them and for the world.  

How are you getting your congregation ready for Easter?

-Challenging your church to fast (pray) or sign up for a fasting (prayer) chain during passion week.
-Have the congregation meditate/memorize on the upcoming sermon passage the week before.
-Have the whole church jointly handwrite the bible or New Testament (or a Gospel). Depending on the size of your group.
-40 days of QT with youth group. Giving out 40 days of QT material packets.