Where: Joshua Vision Center at KCPC : 2534 GA-120, Duluth, GA 30097
When: 12:30pm to 3:00pm on October 22nd (Saturday)
Who: Anyone over 18 and interested in leadership development
Price: FREE!!!... because no food is provided
Why: why not? It's free!! 

This is an amazing opportunity for us to really get a better understanding of and learn how to utilize our unique God given personality traits. The speakers for the seminar are professional leadership development consultants who've graciously offered us their talents to help the church leaders of Atlanta unlock their full leadership potential.  

A seminar of this caliber does not come around very often (especially for free!), so please come join us and bring as many people as you think would benefit from this seminar!

About the Speakers: Andy Eun & Abe Gin

Andy and Abe are both full-time consultants with GiANT Worldwide, a leadership development consultancy. GiANT has worked with many multi-million dollar companies such as Ford and Southern Company and is being recognized as a leading expert in the Leadership Development world.

Andy and Abe also operate under a non-profit arm called CTL (Christian Transformation Leadership), where they are able to focus not only on personal and organizational development but also the spiritual quotient (SQ) aspect as well. They have worked with churches, non-profits, and missions organizations both domestic and abroad to help bring greater breakthrough and alignment to individuals, teams, and organizations. 

About the Seminar:

The power of self awareness is life-changing. When we understand God's original design for our lives, it is deeply transformative. We will explore and understand the Biblical foundations of God's original design for our lives. As we begin to really understand who we are as God's unique workmanship, we gain a greater sense of clarity on life. A powerful life is not incidental but rather it is intentional. 

Many people can identify their Meyers Briggs 4 letter type, however very few understand the depths how their unique cognitive functions effects every part of their life. In this deep dive experience, you will gain greater insight and practical tools regarding who you are and how you function. You will gain greater clarity on how you interact with the world and what it looks like to be on the other side of you.

You will walk away with:

- A clear identification of your MBTI personality type
- An in depth understanding of your unique cognitive functions and how they work together
- Personal insight into the role your nature plays in your relationship with God
- What is your unique breakthrough cycle?
- Practical tools in how to manage and overcome moderate and extreme stress
- How to practically make your leadership grow
- Greater self awareness from a Kingdom perspective