Thanks to all the leaders that came out and shared their valuable tips and insights! 

Here are the notes from our discussion.

Book Recommendations:

- "Start with Why” – Simon Sinek

- "Communication for a Change" – Andy Stanley

- “Why Revival Tarries” – Leonard Ravenhill

- “Prayer that Brings Revival” – David Cho

Preaching/Teaching Tips:

- Less is more - fewer but clearer points.  1 point is better than 4.  Have a lot of points? Break it up into a sermon series. 

- It’s important to give clear application for your congregation to apply immediately to their lives.

- Know your audience.

- Try to repeat and restate your main points strategically.

- Don’t apologize for being unprepared or for the length of the message, during your message.

- Speak because you have something to say not because you have to say something.

- Memorizing vs. reading: If you don’t remember what you are preaching, you are communicating to your people it's not important enough for them to remember either.

- Constantly receive feedback/take constructive criticism. Listen to your own sermon recordings!

- Pray not only for clear communication, but that the Holy Spirit would reach

- Check in with the Lord in the mornings for you daily duties like you check in with your corporate boss in the morning

Using Visuals

- For Apple users - Use keynote with the keynote remote app on your iPad/iPhone and add your sermon notes in the presenter notes section. During your message you can see your notes that match up the current slide. [video]

- Don't put too many words on a slide 

- Use good high quality pictures that are relevant to communicating your point…or don’t use them at all! Here is a list of decent free stock image sites.

- Insert in blank slides between visuals to help refocus on speaker and to clear eye contact with audience, ensuring they're looking at you and not staring at your slides. 

Communication with parents:

- Create a solid PTA.  Parents are the other half of your ministry. 

- Realize God has people around you to support God’s ministry.

- Find your "people of peace" or "parents of peace" to help you communicate with the rest of the parents.

- Ask a small group of bilingual parents to be liaisons and relay messages and disseminate information.

- Set up a KakaoTalk group for your PTA and keep them updated on ministry actives and prayer requests - Group Message

- Communicate live updates during mission trips. This is a great opportunity to keep parent’s updated so they can pray specifically for the students/staff based on each day's needs and schedule of activities.

- Get the KM pastor to announce things for you to the parents during the KM services and get it in the KM bulletin. 

Communication with Your Congregation:

- Communicate with your volunteers and plan out your Sunday services like the pros with this:

- Use social media for announcements (depending on the most effective channel for your church): Snapchat/Instagram/facebook

-Use current pictures/video clips of past weekly events in your announcements. Try to take at least one or two every week and use them that weekend.